Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photo 128 - 365 Mega Moth

This was on our back patio door last Saturday. It is one of the biggest moths I've ever seen!  I took a few photos with normal setting but couldn't get the color right and got a lot of reflection from the glass of the door. I tried the dynamic setting (my fav) and got this photo. I know you can't really see how big this moth is but I'll tell you it had a wingspan of 6 inches! Just huge! It stayed there most of the day. In the afternoon it had its wing up instead of flat out. I think it was trying to get some of the breeze because it was a hot day.  It was really neat being able to see it from this side.


  1. Oh Chrystal....what a GORGEOUS picture....and SO unique!!!! I'm So happy to see you snapping photos...something I KNOW you love!!!!!