Monday, June 11, 2012

Shackleford Ponies and Cape Lookout

Had the opportunity to go out to Shackleford Banks this weekend. We were able to get pretty close to a couple of ponies while we were on the island and we saw this group in the water on our way back. This is part of a group of 6 (if I remember correctly). We first saw the group on our way out to the island. They were on another small island eating the grass and just hanging out. Our ferry Captain was very accommodating and got us up close enough to photograph the ponies as they were headed back to the big island. You can see Cape Lookout in the background on the right. These are beautiful wild ponies that live on this island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You can read more about them here. (

Sorry the photo is so small... If I make it larger, you won't be able to see the lighthouse. I'll post more photos of the horses soon.

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  1. What a great photo! I've never seen wild horses period so this is awesome to me! *Hugs* and thanks for sharing!