Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 1 - Rose

Hello! I am taking the plunge and following in my friend Heather's footsteps. She is participating in a "Photo a day for a year" project. She is an amazing photographer and she has been my inspiration to start taking photos again. I've always loved photography and unfortunately I let my life get so busy that I didn't take the time to enjoy it beyond the college courses I took (a long time ago). I've known Heather for a little over a year and she is so inspiring and so encouraging. Thank you Heather! You can see her blog here. Be sure to leave comments for her!

Ok, so this is my first day and the one thing I had to photograph was the beautiful flowers that my wonderful husband got for me for our anniversary. Today has been a great anniversary. We are looking forward to many, many more years together.

The flower arrangement contained red Roses and pink and purple Tulips. Just gorgeous. I took this photo this evening in my living room. The lighting was not all that great but I recently participated in a long exposure meet with my online photography group so I wasn't afraid to pull out the tripod and take some long exposures. The settings on the photo are f/4.5, 3.2 seconds at ISO 200. I used my macro lens. Now remember, I am still learning. Even though I took those college classes many years ago, I am out of practice.  You will probably see these flowers again tomorrow when I take photos in more light.


  1. Awww! Now wasn't that the nicest thing I've ever read. You are so kind and I'm humbled by what you wrote. You are a great photogapher and I love your very first photo! The lighting is actually really great I think and compliments the rose nicely! Your composition is pleasing too! :) I hope you'll take one of the tulips tomorrow. I'm so glad you're doing this project. I've learned tons so far. Now...I guess I better go get my photo of the day done before Vic sends me an email telling me to get my tail in gear. :) (((hugs)))

  2. Beautiful picture of your rose Chrystal. Happy Anniversary. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  3. Beautiful photo. I have enjoyed seeing what you have captured using your new macro lens. Have fun!